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Move Fast, Intervene Early

In the reading wars of 30 years ago, phonics vs. whole language, educators were forced to consider taking sides. This happens a lot in America. Have you noticed? Although we have a country... READ MORE

Opportunity Hoarding

What is Equity? It is important to realize the exact nature of what it means to be working on and reforming equity in K-12 schools in America. An example of equity and the... READ MORE

Black Education Matters

Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. All colors, all races, all religions and all ethnicities—their, our, all of our lives matter. In the United States, however, it is hard to make that argument... READ MORE

Serious Creativity

There, climbing on the center island in my kitchen, is my 18-month old grandson. The lower rack on the island is full of wine bottles and he is stepping on those in order... READ MORE

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