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National Core Arts Standards

Central Purposes of the Standards “The central purposes of education standards are to identify the learning that we want for all of our students and to drive improvement in the system that delivers... READ MORE

Living with History

I am aware of being caught up in history every now and again. A week ago Friday was my last day at the office and Saturday and Sunday were spent taking care of... READ MORE

Social Distancing

It is important today to acknowledge the spread of COVID-19 and its effect upon schools and families. Nothing like this has happened in modern times, although the spread of SARS and EBOLA are... READ MORE

Black Wall Street

One of the tough parts of Black History month is reviewing the damage that was done during the Tulsa Race Massacre. Starting on May 31, 1921, a White mob attacked and killed hundreds... READ MORE

Creative Education

If we think of how some of the classrooms function in our country, we notice the tension between individual vs. group learning. On the one hand, common curricula mean that students are being... READ MORE

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