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Serious Creativity

There, climbing on the center island in my kitchen, is my 18-month old grandson. The lower rack on the island is full of wine bottles but he is using it to get up.... READ MORE

Mapping Student Learning

Emerging Performance Assessment Performance assessments have emerged as a school reform strategy because they collect better evidence of student learning and because they help guide teachers and students to more rigorous work. Standardized... READ MORE

Measuring Learning Loss

In this new world of online learning, what evidence do we have of student learning? Teachers have heroically transitioned to online learning, produced curriculum, assigned homework, collected student writing and graded it. We... READ MORE

The Carving Station

As I was walking the dog yesterday in Florida I passed by a buffet restaurant called the Carving Station. The owner was outside cleaning up the sidewalk and I stopped to listen to... READ MORE

Mission Slider Final