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Digital Literacy

Despite the emergence over the last twenty years of the computer and the access it gives us to the web, we are still not sure what it means to be digitally literate. To... READ MORE

Unsheltered, Unwelcome

Last night on 60 Minutes, Seattle came into sharp focus on the rise in homelessness. We learned that homelessness is the general term, but to the agencies working on homelessness, the name for... READ MORE

Equity and Learning

A recent episode of NOVA, “The Violence Paradox,” highlighted evidence of decreasing violence over the last seven centuries and yet, many communities in the United States, particularly some cities, are experiencing more violence.... READ MORE

Mona Lisa

When I look at the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo DaVinci, I see a slight smile. Not much. And if I look away and then back I can see it more clearly….but if... READ MORE

New Schools, New Designs

There are always people looking for new designs for schools. The charter school movement has taken new designs and funded them through new funding structures that allow much of the money allocated to... READ MORE

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