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Dear America

Dear America, I want to invite you into my home to play some games. Let’s start with Scrabble! Let’s place all the names of our people together in that complex and crossed way.... READ MORE

Aligning Arts Standards

Verbs Drive Rigor In the previous blog last week I ended with the idea that verbs drive rigor. And indeed I submitted an example of the use of verbs when writing lesson objectives... READ MORE

Creativity and Rigor

Defining creativity is like describing clouds….easier to talk about in general terms, impossible to nail down the specifics. I can always choose the scientific approach, such as, “the first line of cumulus clouds... READ MORE

Arts Integration

Arts learning occurs throughout the K-12 school curriculum. Students experience multiple art forms when they take a music class, paint flowers, act in a play and dance in celebration of earth day. But... READ MORE

Evidence of Learning

One of the ways we understand that children are learning is by what they say to us and what they tell us about what they are learning. Teachers are constantly asking students to... READ MORE

Mission Slider Final