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Access and Equity

Authority The American system of education is not a national system of education, but rather, a local authority system of towns, regions and state schools. Each public school has been built and supported... READ MORE

NOLS Wilderness First Aid

My son and I spent two days at an Audubon Site in Massachusetts learning how to handle all kinds of backcountry health emergencies. This course was sponsored by the National Outdoor Leadership School... READ MORE


Happy Holidays to one and all! Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827), a swiss educator who was influential in eradicating illiteracy, hardly gets any mention these days. In fact you are much more likely... READ MORE

Early Arts Research

One of the first research reports on the arts in education was called, “Basic Abilities Required for Understanding and Creation in the Arts,” by Nelson Goodman, David Perkins and Howard Gardner. In their... READ MORE

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