Unpacking the Dream

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream that all men were created equal echoed the founding fathers of America. As opposed to the aristocracy of the Europe class system from which they came or fled, America would treat everyone as equal under … Continued

Access and Equity

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Authority The American system of education is not a national system of education, but rather, a local authority system of towns, regions and state schools. Each public school has been built and supported by a local educational authority, which most … Continued

NOLS Wilderness First Aid

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My son and I spent two days at an Audubon Site in Massachusetts learning how to handle all kinds of backcountry health emergencies. This course was sponsored by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and REI. I was very impressed … Continued


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Happy Holidays to one and all! Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827), a swiss educator who was influential in eradicating illiteracy, hardly gets any mention these days. In fact you are much more likely to hear about Montessori in early education … Continued

Early Arts Research

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One of the first research reports on the arts in education was called, “Basic Abilities Required for Understanding and Creation in the Arts,” by Nelson Goodman, David Perkins and Howard Gardner. In their Final Report (1972) they talk about why … Continued

Learning and the Brain

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I went to this three-day conference over the weekend along with about a 1,000 teachers and 50 researchers. We were treated to a most informative set of ideas with Keynote speakers like Sir Ken Robinson, Bob Sternberg, Jerome Kagen, Mariale … Continued

Armistice Day

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100 years ago, the Allies of World War I signed the agreement to accept the Surrender of the Germans and the cessation of hostilities everywhere. On the anniversary of this historic ending of a World War, we remember the acts … Continued